Less than a week after falling from their nest and being rescued by firefighters and CPW, two great horned owlets in Colorado Springs needed saving once again.

After their fall on April 1, firefighters carefully placed the two owlets back in their nest, located at the top of a very tall tree. It was expected that the owlets would remain in the nest for another 30 to 35 days, but nature had other plans.

The next morning, the magpie nest that the owlets were laying in broke apart, sending them to the ground for the second time.

Because they were left without a nest and in very close proximity to I-25, Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers decided the best course of action was to take the owlets to the Nature and Wildlife Discovery Center's raptor campus in Pueblo. At this location, the owlets will be out of danger's way.

One of the center's older resident female owls, Aggie, will step in and act as a foster mom. She will help to raise the owlets until they are old enough to release back into the wild and survive on their own. The center believes they are around a week old.

Staff at the center also explained that there's a possibility the owlets could be reunited with their real parents eventually, too. In the next few days, staff will assess the original nest location in Colorado Springs and determine if they could release them back to the area once they are ready.

Prior to being taken to Aggie's temporary nest, the raptor facility shared a video of staff hand-feeding the adorable owlets. An employee noted that the babies are just getting to the age where they can see and eat by themselves, but wanted to provide them with some coaching since they are still so young.

They will continue to provide updates while the owlets are under their care through social media.

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