The only thing more impressive than the grit from CSU men's basketball last night was Moby's student section.

At 160% capacity, tallying 3,850 students, the student crowd for the Rams' 80-74 win over New Mexico set the record for largest ever in school history.

An unreal atmosphere, support and presence from the new head football coach, State Pride uniforms, and a few drained threes at crucial moments continued to reinstate the fact that this CSU team is the real deal.

Admittedly, there will be aspects of the game to look at on film. No team is perfect, but one strength for the Rams is their ability to seem like they are constantly one mind on the floor.

No-look passes, unspoken coordination, these are the things that are, and should be, intimidating to other teams. How can you compete with a team that just works together like a well-oiled machine?

However, last night's game showed some gaps in that strength. There were moments where you could tell there was a miscommunication, where things were just slightly out of step.

But, the reason this Rams team is so exciting to watch: they never bury their heads, and oh man, does it never get old to see them rally when the game gets close.

I, as much as any other Colorado State fan, obviously would love to see an undefeated run throughout the season. However, even if the Rams were still undefeated, there's no doubt in my mind they would approach every game with the same mindset they have been since the tip of the basketball against Oral Roberts to start the season.

Every man on that bench knows their role, and they do it well. While David Roddy and Isaiah Stevens are always going to be the focus for broadcasters, players like Chandler Jacobs and Jalen Lake can't go without notice either.

While they might not see as many minutes as the starting five, they continue to show up big when it's necessary. And for Niko Medved, the staff, and the fans, having that confidence in the depth of your roster is, to say the least, a game-changer.

Though the New Mexico Lobos, a young team that is in the midst of a rebuild, stayed toe-to-toe with the Rams for the majority of the game, CSU is still a force to be reckoned with.

The Rams currently sit at 4-1 in conference play, placing them fourth in Mountain West standings. They will be hitting the road on Saturday to take on in-state opponent Air Force and will return to Moby Arena on Tuesday, Jan. 25, to host Nevada.

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