To paraphrase Michael Scott: Denver Broncos fans may not be superstitious, but they are a little "stistious."

That's right — according to new research from Betway Insider, Denver Broncos supporters are among the Top 10 most superstitious fanbases in the NFL (with how last season went, we can't blame them).

But just how superstitious are they? Throw some salt over your shoulder, and let's dive in.

Denver Broncos fans aren't taking any chances

Betway Insider surveyed over a thousand football fans and analyzed social media data to see how superstitious each NFL team's supporters are.

Fans of the Dallas Cowboys, Atlanta Falcons, Chicago Bears, Buffalo Bills, and Green Bay Packers make up the Top 5, but Denver Broncos fans come in...drumroll, please...10th place.

The website gave fans of the blue and orange a "superstitious score" of 10.5% — so, what are they doing to help the team?

Most popular football fan superstitions

Betway Insider revealed that nearly 30% of football fans believe their superstitious rituals affect their team's performance, and Denver Broncos supporters are no different.

Common superstitions include wearing lucky clothing, watching the game in person, having a lucky chair, and eating the same food every game.


Other research shows that Denver Broncos fans also have a specific post-game ritual — if the team loses, that is.

Do the Denver Broncos need luck?

Despite fans' best efforts, the Denver Broncos may not need luck next season. Betway Insider reports that the team is the 10th most likely to win the next Super Bowl, just behind the Baltimore Ravens and the Carolina Panthers.

Still, you might want to keep your lucky underwear — just in case.

Start preparing for the team's next season with the gallery below.

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