When it comes to dining out, you may not put 'scary' on your list of desires, but this restaurant in north Longmont may see you changing your mind.

This restaurant/bar has been around for a long time, having just gotten a new name with new owners and a new vibe in 2020. The building was once owned by a relative of a famous author who once wrote about 'ghosts,' maybe this is why spirits seem to enjoy the place.

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For many, many years, 300 Main Street in Longmont was home to Dickens Tavern, a nice little neighborhood restaurant and bar. In 2020, after being bought by new owners, it is now Dickens 300 Prime. Prime, as in beef, as in their menu has a lot of steaks, including a 24 oz. Porterhouse.

Along with boasting a fine menu, and how they'll be opening a second location on the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, Dickens 300 Prime does not shy away from its haunted history. Much of it regarding the man behind the name: William H. Dickens.

Dickens was a relative of Charles Dickens, and was one of the persons instrumental in helping Longmont become a thriving city. He founded the Farmer's National Bank, (the bank vault still exists at Dickens 300 Prime) and he was key to the Great Western Sugar Factory being built in Longmont, among other things. Dickens' father was given some land by Ulysses S. Grant and William decided that he'd put an Opera House there, to bring culture to Longmont at 300 Main Street.


It was with that opera house that at least two of the "ghosts" may exist at 300 Prime. The story goes that an actress and actor were killed backstage after her husband caught the two of them together.


One of the "ghost stories" involves an Alice Cooper Tribute Band:

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That story goes, how recently in the opera house (which now hosts bands and such) an Alice Cooper tribute band were in the Green Room when something very weird happened. Their 8 foot python, which was part of their performance, had gotten out of its cage, that was secure just moments before, and could not be opened from inside the cage. Luckily, the snake was safely returned to the cage, but how did that lock come undone?


As recent as 2020, a manager of the bar tells the story of being alone in the opera house while trying to get some rest, when the sound of children woke her up. There were no children around; then a locked door kept banging open and closed, as if someone was trying to get out of that storage room.

If you like steaks, seafood and spirits (ghosts), this is your place. 

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