For decades, Lovelanders have wanted to have a grocery store on the east side of town. With the number of people living on that side of the city these days, one is needed even more.

If this development plan goes through, this could be some of the greatest news to hit Loveland, Colorado, in some time. Hopefully, soon, we won't be wondering "when" but "which one"?

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I can't begin to tell you the number of conversations my friends and I have had about how Loveland absolutely needs a grocery store on the east side of town. The last time Loveland had a grocery store on that side of town was 20 years ago when there was an Albertson's at Madison and Eisenhower, where that big empty blue-roof building is today. 

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Right now, southbound Rocky Mountain Avenue dead ends at Eisenhower; if this new development gets approved and gets completed, the road will travel across Colorado Highway 34 into Centerra South.

The good news, a grocery store is in the current plans.

The bad news, McWhinney is asking a lot from Loveland to make it happen.



Centerra South, if approved, would be west of Rocky Mountain Avenue and south of Eisenhower and would include:

  • 218,000 square feet of retail.
  • 10,000 square feet of residential.
  • 40,000 square feet for a grocery store.

The residential portion of Centerra South would have almost 800 units made up of single-family homes, townhomes, and duplexes. With all those new housing units coming in, a grocery store is absolutely needed, if only to serve that community.


There is a lot of verbiage in McWhinney's plan that goes over my head, but two numbers stand out. How much McWhinney is bringing to the table and how much they hope that Loveland (the city and public) will throw in via improvement districts.

  • McWhinney - $5.5 million
  • Loveland - $86.7 million

Centerra South would be bringing in millions of dollars in tax dollars to the city, and McWhinney would be getting a piece of every retail action as they do at the Promenade Shops at Centerra; this would be a very big deal for the Sweetheart City.

There will be a special meeting of the City Council on Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2023, for McWhinney to submit their plans for approval.

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