Following the October release of the single 'Easy on Me,' which emotionally gutted the entire world, Adele has finally released her studio album, 30. And if you're not talking about it, well, you're on your own because even Denver International Airport is on board with the record. 

Not sure who runs DIA's social media accounts, but we like to assume it's the big blue horse. Even he is an Adele divorce album stan, and we're here for it. Adele's album, which dropped on Friday, November 19, includes the track 'All Night Parking,' which coincided with the airport's (long-awaited) reopening of the Pikes Peak Lot.

The airport also reminds us that TSA wait times have now also returned (!!) online after a long hiatus, making great use of track six, 'Can I Get It.' Yes, you can.

So while this is, you know, an album the singer penned about the end of her marriage, for us, this is pretty good news because we just gained airport parking and we get to know how long the security line is ahead of time. Just in time for the holiday travel season. Sorry, Adele.

Lastly, DIA refferred to 'Hold On,' a song that you may reconize from an Amazon ad. It's also gotten praise from Tyler Perry, with Popcrush reporting that Perry said that it will 'literally save and touch lives.' You can see what fans are saying about the record here.

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