We all know about the rapid growth Colorado saw in the 2000s and 2010s. People from across the country and even around the globe saw it as an amazing place to touch down.

In recent years, it’s become clear that the hype around the country about moving to Colorado has died down a bit. More people are moving to Utah than Colorado.

However, Colorado has still had many “boomtowns” over the last few years. For example, Fort Collins was recently named a boomtown just a few months back, since it’s one of the country’s fastest-growing cities.

However, there’s another city out here in Northern Colorado that’s seeing a dramatic spike in population, and it may surprise you.

Greeley is One of Colorado’s Fastest Growing Cities

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Google Maps

Recently, Greeley was cited by KDVR as the fastest-growing city in northern Colorado and 4th in the entire state. Between 2017 and 2022, it saw a growth rate of 3.7%, which was higher than the neighboring city Fort Collins at 2.1%.

Currently, the population of Greeley is sitting at around 110,000 residents. If current growth trends continue, the city will have a total population of 260,000 residents by 2065. By other estimates, some believe Greeley’s metro area could balloon to 655,000 by 2060, an 89% increase.

Greeley also is the county seat and principal city of Weld County, which is also the fastest-growing county in Colorado.

Not only this but back in 2019, SmartAsset ranked Greeley as the 5th best boomtown in the United States, two spots ahead of Denver.

Why Have So Many People Moved to Greeley in Recent Years?

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Google Maps

Greeley’s increased growth rate has been a part of a trend that has continued over the years.

A big economic draw for the town was its oil industry, which took quite a major hit back in 2014. What has helped Greeley over the past few years has been its relatively more affordable housing, something that has become quite the commodity on the Front Range as of late.

According to BestPlaces, Greeley’s average home cost is $420,600, which while being 24.4% higher than the national average, is 20.2% lower than the average home price in Colorado.

5280 Magazine also notes that Greeley’s location is ideal as well since it sits so close to many of the major cities on the Front Range. They also note that Greeley feels like a great combination of a heavily populated area that lacks the congested traffic situations in places like Fort Collins or Denver.

Maybe they haven’t taken into account Highway 34, but regardless, the traffic is relatively lighter around the city.

What is There to Do in Greeley?

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Google Maps

Greeley has plenty of activities for you to do. You can visit places like the historic Centennial Village Museum or learn about local lore at the Greeley History Museum. A local favorite spot is the Colorado Model Railroad Museum, which houses a 5,500-square-foot operating model train set.

If you’re into drinking, it also houses one of the best and most underrated breweries in the state with WeldWerks. It has been running since 2015 and has won multiple awards for its creations.

If you’re into music, the Moxi Theater is a great place to catch a show. On the other hand, The University of Northern Colorado hosts an annual Jazz Festival in the spring which is a fantastic event.

Finally, possibly the biggest draw and event for the town is the amazing Greeley Stampede. It’s an amazing place to watch rodeos, listen to live music, and have a fun day with the family in a festival setting. The coming addition will take place between June 26 through July 7, 2024.

If you live in Greeley, what are your favorite things to do in town? Do you think the city’s growth has been positive or negative?

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