Don't get me wrong — I respect the college kids. I was one not too long ago, and Colorado State University is part of what makes Fort Collins great.

But they also like to get crazy and, to give myself credit, I have made a list of the best party bars in the Choice City.

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However, the older you get, the more you find yourself searching for a hangout with less, shall we say...hooligans. You want to be able to chat with your friends sans loud music and spilled drinks without resigning yourself to a Friday night on the couch (again).

Fear not — I've got you. There are many Fort Collins destinations that have the chill vibe you're looking for. Still, I do have to add a disclaimer:

Since I do not have a secret deal with college students that keeps them away from certain locations in Fort Collins, I cannot guarantee they won't be at these bars (I realize this article probably doesn't help, but alas). Additionally, older adults get rowdy too, and I cannot say with absolute certainty that the following locations are free of the unexpected.

Capiche? Capiche. I'm glad we've got that out of the way.

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Now, without further adieu, read on to see nine chill Fort Collins hangouts where you (probably) won't find college kids.

9 Fort Collins Hangouts Where You (Probably) Won't Find College Kids

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