When the pandemic first hit Northern Colorado, many local restaurants moved their businesses outside: Outdoor dining was safer, allowed them to expand their capacities and utilize more of their space by creating more social distancing.

However, smaller restaurants and bars struggled with that concept and had to use parking lots and sidewalks. Then came the winter, and outdoor dining became more scarce, because who wants to sit outside in the middle of a Colorado snowstorm?

The Fort Collins restaurant little is one of those establishments that found power in getting creative.

In a Facebook post from January, little describes their outdoor dining options as "winter rooms." These aren't random tents that they've constructed in the hopes of shoving more customers outside: they're experiences. In times of hardship, isn't it always a good idea to make everything seem a little more special?

The post describes these tents as "heated structures... wrapped in breathable canvas and designed to keep out the naughtiest of winter conditions." Plus, each tent has its own theme: one is rustic, one feels Mediterranean and one feels more modern. Each one also features its own music and can host a four-course family-style meal.

The restaurant says that the menu changes often, so get ready for a once-in-a-lifetime experience...all happening outdoors. See more and make your reservations right here. 

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