Attention, people with roommates: the City of Fort Collins might be getting rid of the U+2 rule.

The occupancy ordinance currently prevents more than three unrelated people from living under the same roof in the Choice City, but that could change.

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In a Thursday (July 21) press release, the City announced that it is considering revising its rental housing strategy, stating that present policies "have not consistently addressed housing stability and healthy housing, particularly for people who rent."

One of the things they're looking into is expanding the occupancy limit imposed by U+2.

"We have heard that increasing occupancy limits to allow more than 3 unrelated people to live together or changing the definition of a family could make it easier for people to find housing with multiple roommates, could be more equitable for households that don't meet the current definition of 'family,' and could make housing more affordable for renters," read the release.

Despite this, the City has reasons to keep the ordinance, including neighborhood quality concerns and rent regulation.

The City may also require long-term landlords to register their rental properties and get a license to rent — two things already in effect for short-term landlords.

"We have heard that rental registration or licensing could address concerns some tenants have about complaining to the City about the condition of their home...we have also heard that rental registration or licensing could lead to increased cost for landlords, that costs could be passed on to renters, and that a registration or licensing program could create additional administrative burdens for both the City and landlords," said the City.

The City is asking for the public's input — you can submit your thoughts here. City Council will hear the issue at a work session on Aug. 23.

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