People might not know much about the tiny unincorporated community in Colorado called Greenland but the island nation with the same name located over 3,000 miles away from here is also a bit of a mystery too.

Greenland, Colorado vs. Greenland the Nation

The Greenlands are located across the world from each other, but do the two unique destinations share any similarities?

The two Greenlands are completely different and unique locations, but still pretty similar in quite a few ways.

Getty Images/Kelsey Nistel,TSM
Getty Images/Kelsey Nistel,TSM

If you're ever on I-25 driving down towards Colorado Springs, pull over in Greenland and explore the beautiful forgotten town for yourself. The Greenland Trailhead is located at 1532 Noe Road. Or maybe, you'll travel to the other Greenland someday and see how they really compare.

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