The argument of arguments is, 'does size matter'?

If you ask some folks in Wyoming, they're immediate reaction is...YES.

Others will not have an opinion and brush off the question, and their answer will be along the lines of....It's not size of the truck that makes the Wyomingite, it's how you drive the truck that really matters.

Of course we're talking about trucks. There's no doubt we love trucks here in the Cowboy State.

If you're driving down the road, at any given time in Wyoming,  you see trucks that have added lift kits and are sitting pretty high off the ground.

Lifted Truck
Custom Offsets via YouTube

The 'Karen's' of the world may get bent out of shape, because their minivan doesn't have a 6" lift kit on it. So they complain to the local police department, just so they can complain about something.

Here's the answer the police will give Karen...There's no law or limit to lifting your truck in Wyoming.


GASP! Karen just got served. Mind your own business, Karen.

According to Wyoming laws, the only limit to lifting your vehicle is that it can't be higher than 14 feet and still drive it on the roads. Yep, that's it.

Why is 14 feet the max, you ask? The answer is simple. Clearance. Even though there are some overpasses that reach higher than 14 feet, there are many that don't.

Google Maps

You may be wondering the benefits of lifting a truck.

  • Higher Ground Clearance - good for deep snow.
  • Larger Tires For Better Traction
  • The Higher The Truck, The Closer To Go
  • Head Turner

What about the negative parts of a lifted truck?

  • Vehicle Performance / comfort level
  • Louder Ride
  • Fuel Mileage
  • Higher Center of Gravity

You may've heard that lifting your truck, will ruin your truck. These guys are in Wisconsin, but they put a lifted truck up against a stock truck to show you the comparison.

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