Finding a great Italian restaurant in Colorado can be a struggle, even more so when one closes down. However, Coloradans do like fun, and this new place fits that bill.

Many folks will tell you that Windsor needs more places to go and get a drink; there just aren't "a lot" of bars, especially since The Duke shut down many years ago. Soon, in Windsor, there's going to be a place to "drop in," have some fun, and some great food.

It was in early 2024, that Cacciatore at Heller's Kitchen announced it would be closing its doors after nearly five years of operation. It looks like by summer of 2024, a new, fun, restaurant will be taking over Cacciatore's space.

Windsor, Colorado, Getting New Tequila Bar

While the east side of Windsor is getting acquainted with Luna's Tacos & Tequilas, which opened in March of 2024, Downtown Windsor will be welcoming another tequila bar. Tiho's Tequila Bar is coming to the Windsor Mill.

Windsor Mill
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The historic Windsor Mill is a great venue, already consisting of the Windsor location of Peculier Ales, the Windsor Mill Tavern, and The Mill - an event venue.

The building itself, dates back to 1899 when it was a flour mill. It was severely damaged by the tornado of 2008, and suffered a fire in 2017.

Tiho's Tequila Bar & Restaurant, as it's currently known as, will be a great addition to the mill; and the space that Cacciatore at Heller's Kitchen left behind is conducive to small parties to large gatherings as well.

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