As of Monday (Feb. 1), there were 35 patients hospitalized for COVID-19 in Larimer County - the lowest number of hospitalizations the county has seen since early November.

According to data via the Larimer County Department of Health website, the lowest number of hospitalizations the county had previously seen since summer was during early November (Nov. 2), when there were just 22 patients hospitalized with COVID-19 across Larimer County hospitals.

That low rose to 35 on Nov. 3 and then steadily increased from there, hitting a high of 122 on Dec 4. Since then, the number of hospitalizations for COVID-19 in Larimer County have been on a decline.

As of Tuesday morning (Feb. 2), there have been 17,865 cases of COVID-19 recorded in Larimer County since the beginning of the pandemic.

Larimer County's overall risk rating remains high with a positivity rating of 5.3% and an overall prevalence of 314 cases per 100,000 people over the past two weeks.

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