From epic treehouses and rustic cabins, to posh penthouses and luxurious mountain town rentals, travelers could never run out of unique places stay within the Mile High State.

One interesting place to book for vacation lodging is at a former Colorado jail/police station, that's been converted into a boutique hotel.

Located in Pueblo, the Station on the Riverwalk offers quirky accommodations created from former jail cells (steel bars and all) that have been turned into chic hotel rooms. The robes, cozy beds and slippers that can be found in the current rooms are a stark difference from what the previous inmates staying here had – unless you stay in Cell 6, which features an original lock-out solitary confinement door and was designed to give guests more of an authentic jail experience, without actually having to go. There are seven total cell rooms for travelers to stay in, each decorated with a fun and different concept in mind.

The building did actually serve as the town's original police station and jail from the 1940s to 2010. Although much of the interior has been remodeled with an industrial-vibe décor, traces of the property's past purpose still exist, such as the white, cinder block walls and some of the other fixtures throughout.

Like many hotels, the Station on the Riverwalk has its own on-site bar. Fitting right in with the theme, the bar is appropriately named the Clink Lounge, but opposite from what it used to be years ago, this space is now a swanky speakeasy that specializes in upscale appetizers and cocktails.

Staying at the Station on the Riverwalk is sure to provide an unforgettable experience. Rooms can be booked through their website or by calling the hotel directly at 719-569-7904.

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