I know, I know...it's spooky season, not Valentine's Day. But if you're not a scary movie fan, why not relax with a rom-com this fall?

Personally, I don't think there's ever a bad time to watch a romantic comedy. If you give me a glass of rosé, some popcorn, and any '90s Meg Ryan film — I'm all set.

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So, when Apartment Therapy released a list of the most popular rom-coms in every state, I was excited to see what Colorado's was. Would it be the empowering Pretty Woman? The relatable When Harry Met Sally...? The quirky My Big Fat Greek Wedding?

Then, I read further and realized that the list only includes "bad" romantic comedies, which Apartment Therapy defines as any movie rated below 6.1 on IMDb. Not as awesome, but I'll take it.

Classics aside, Colorado's favorite cheesy rom-com is...drumroll, please...John Tucker Must Die. 

I can't fault the Centennial State on this one. I actually kind of like this movie; plus, we're not alone — it's Mississippi's favorite film too.

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However, the rest of the country doesn't share our romantic comedy tastes. The most popular U.S. rom-com is Something Borrowed, while other favorites include Couples RetreatDrive Me Crazy, and Coyote Ugly.

Keep this article in your back pocket for when you're in the mood for a cheesy movie (or if you get dumped, I'm not judging). As for me, I'll be watching When Harry Met Sally...again.

Did you know that Mr. and Mrs. Smith was filmed in Colorado? Check out the full list of Colorado films in the gallery below.

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