It's almost Girl Scout cookie season! Too bad you can't enjoy those delicious cookies without having to leave your house to get them when they go on sale later this month. Or can you?

Girl Scout Cookies Season Is Here

Both of my daughters were Girl Scouts for almost 10 years so needless to say, I'm a complete Girl Scout Cookie addict. Hre's how this vicious cycle always went. I'd go "clean" with my eating on the first of the year, like a lot of people do, right? 3 weeks into being completely off of sweets, my amazing wife would tell me that it was time... Time for what? It was cookie time. What that meant for me was having cases and cases of those delicious little suckers all over my house. How could I possibly say no and resist the urge to eat a whole sleeve of thin mints when I had access to cases and cases of them for 2 months out of the year? I was "lucky" enough to have access, but most had to hit the grocery store booths or hope some sweet little girls would ring your doorbell with a wagon full of cookies. Well, that's about to change.

Girl Scout Cookies Delivered In Colorado

2020 brought a lot of new changes, some weren't all that bad, including the fact that you could pretty much have anything and everything delivered right to your door at the click of a button. Now this year, you can add Girl Scout Cookies to that list. Our partners at Denver 7 are reporting that the Girl Scouts of America have reached a deal with DoorDash to bring those delicious snacks right to your front door. You don't even have to change out of your pajamas.

How do I get Girl Scout cookies?

You've got options to get those tasty cookies.

  • Visit
  • Text COOKIES to 59618
  • Use the Girl Scout Cookie Finder App to see where a local booth is set up near you
  • Open DoorDash and search "Girl Scouts" to have them delivered

If you're not a cookie fan, you can also go to their website and donate boxes of cookies to local first responders or other heroes in our community. My girl's troop typically donated their boxes to local cancer centers, which I loved almost as much as the cookies themselves. Happy cookie season.

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