I remember being very dedicated to living on my own for a long time: being in an apartment without roommates was the mecca of success for me, and was one of the most important goals I made for myself as a young woman.

Now that I've been living on my own for a while, I still love it, however, I understand why people enjoy living with roommates or family members. For one, it makes life more affordable. Secondly (and I realized this the most after I contracted COVID-19 months ago), it certainly makes life a lot less lonely.

According to a recent CSU study, more and more families are looking for roommates...in other families. The phenomenon is referred to as 'doubling up', and in a press release, Colorado State University noted that this is most likely due to "economic circumstances".

Recent data collected by the university noted that:

680,000 households, three out of every ten statewide, are doubled up. This is an increase from one in five households doubled-up in 2006.

A few of my core friend groups' families have made the decision to double up, and when I visit them I notice that they utilize basement space to make somewhat of an apartment-style of living: their spaces are separate and free from each other, but they can come together when necessary.

I still maintain a goal of owning a house on my own someday, but the 'doubling up' phenomenon is an interesting one. Would you double up with a friend or family member? Let me know in our app chat.

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