Colorado's water supply is famous enough to serve as Coors Light's "mountain water," but the best H2O isn't just in the Rocky Mountains.

According to the Town of Windsor's 2021 Drinking Water Consumer Confidence Report, Windsor's drinking water currently "exceeds federal standards."

This means that, although all drinking water contains some contaminants, Windsor's water is fairly free of pollutants — and it's very safe to drink.

"The Town of Windsor works with regional drinking water providers to monitor our water supply," said Paul Schwindler, Deputy Director of Public Works, in a press release. "Our goal is to ensure that it's compliant with all federal and local regulations so our residents can be assured their drinking water is safe."

Still, immuno-compromised individuals should consult their healthcare providers about local drinking water. Microbial, inorganic, organic chemical, pesticide, herbicide, and radioactive contaminants may still be present in water sources.

Windsor derives its water from various local systems, including the City of Greeley, Ft. Collins-Loveland Water District, and North Weld County Water District. These systems use sources such as the Cache La Poudre River, Big Thompson River, Colorado River, and Horsetooth Reservoir.

The report noted that these sources provide "a level of water purity that is compliant with all federal and local regulations, ensuring water safety and quality in your home and in the community as a whole."

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