Who needs cars in Colorado? Well, at least in one particular town you can manage according to this recent study that names this city a top ten city in the country to live without a car.

A Northern Colorado City Ranked Top 10 Best To Live Without A Car

Remember being a kid and not being able to wait until you could drive? Not having to ask for rides, or wait for public transportation to get around? As a kid, my family didn't have a vehicle a lot of the time, so I personally, couldn't wait to turn 16 and get my own wheels. I worked at a skating rink as a kid and my boss, the absolutely amazing late great Chris Cran, gave me an advance that I paid back to get my first car when I was 15. It was a 1977 Trans Am. I paid $1500 for it and I couldn't wait to drive it by myself.

I loved having a car, or truck these days, but driving isn't for everybody. If you live in Colorado and would prefer to not own a vehicle, where is the best place to live and still be able to get around ok? The answer is one of Northern Colorado's favorite "little" towns.

What Northern Colorado City Is Best To Live Without A Car?

Comparing 200 cities across the entire country, LawnStarter set out to find just where are the best places to live for those who think driving just isn't for them. They looked at each city's "walkability, transit ridership, climate, and pedestrian safety." After looking at all of the data, Northern Colorado's own Fort Collins, Colorado, was ranked the number seven best place in the whole U.S. to live without a car. If you've ever lived in Fort Collins, I think it's easy to agree that you can absolutely get around fairly easily without driving. Denver was just down the list at number 17. San Fransico was ranked number 1. The full map is below.


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