Working in education has been extremely hard over the past two years: simply ask a local educator. Despite the hardships, many teachers and staff members go above and beyond to make sure their students feel comfortable, safe, and encouraged, and John Kleiber is no different.

Nominated by Taera Witherell, Kleiber is a beloved elementary school principal who says his favorite part about the job is the people. Kleiber won our popular vote with over 1600 local votes. Witherell said in her submission:

While not a teacher per se, Mr. Klieber is an absolutely outstanding principal at Garfield Elementary in Loveland. He goes all in to engage with his students, including dressing up as a "Kleibercorn" when a school wide fundraising goal was met, or allowing students to make him a "human sundae". With all the COVID restrictions eliminating the ability to have weekly school wide wrap up meetings, he moved to making his own videos, with one example having him dance dressed as a pirate with a digital Jack Sparrow-esque character. He goes above and beyond to make sure all teachers and staff have everything they need to be successful in teaching. He ensures that ALL students and their families feel welcome and included in the Garfield family. John is an educator that needs to be recognized and shown that what he does every day, makes a difference! From the student: Mr. Kleiber is funny , nice, welcoming and makes every day fun!

You can see our full interview with John Kleiber right here:

Kleiber took home a ton of outstanding prizes for all of his efforts this school year, and those prizes include:

  • $100 food delivery voucher from Nosh NoCo
  • 8 tickets to see The Eagles play October 22-23: use one four-pack for yourself and 'Pass the Puck' to another deserving teacher or administrator!
  • $500 to his school

Congratulations to Mr. Kleiber, and you can nominate YOUR favorite teacher for next month's Teacher Tuesday right here.

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