Coloradans love taking their dogs on adventures with them, but part of doing so, means taking responsibility for their actions, especially while on the trails. Things like keeping your canine on a leash and cleaning up after them helps to maintain a positive experience for other trail users or park goers.

Even though many parks and trails in Colorado offer dog waste bags on-site, there's still plenty of people who choose not to pick up after their pet — or worse, they instead leave the plastic bags that are filled with poop on the side of the trail.

Someone has to clean those discarded waste bags up, and according to the Larimer County Natural Resources Facebook page, last Sunday at Devil's Mountain Open Space, Ranger Louie collected 47 dog poop bags that were left on the side of the trail or at the overlook. That means that in the span of 24 hours, nearly 50 people decided not to clean up after their dogs. Now that's crap!

In order for our parks, open spaces, and trails to continue to be enjoyable places for Coloradans to experience, it's important to remember to "bag it, pack it, and can it" when it comes to dog waste or other trash brought into the outdoors.

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