Realties For Children is nearing the finish line in raising $50,000 in key funds in honor of National Child Abuse Prevention Month.

The essential Northern Colorado nonprofit organization that provided emergency funding for 5,618 children in 2020 can unlock a $15,000 donation match from Lion Home Service with just $3,000 more in public donations.

If they can unlock the match, Realities for Children will have raised $50,000 this month. Online contributions are being accepted if you want to help the cause.

Earlier in the month, Townsquare Media's radio DJs set up for a 36-hour Rooftop Raise at the Elizabeth Hotel. While broadcasting live from the Old Town Fort Collins roof, pedestrian donors contributed to the effort via a bucket that was lowered up and down to the street.

The 36-hour event raised $20,000 including a $10,000 donation match from Blue Federal Credit Union.

Realities For Children has also been passing out blue pinwheels all month as part of the campaign to raise awareness for child abuse and prevention in Northern Colorado.

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