Rush Limbaugh's conservative movement once took Fort Collins by storm.

The longtime radio host who died at age 70 on Wednesday (Feb. 17) drew an estimated 35,000 people to Old Town Square in 1993 for an event that garnered national media attention and became dubbed Rushstock 93.

The city of Fort Collins had about 87,000 residents at the time — the city now has an estimated 165,000 residents.

The ordeal started when 24-year-old Fort Collins resident Dan Kay called into Limbaugh’s show saying his wife wouldn’t let him spend $29.95 for the Limbaugh’s newsletter.

Limbaugh suggested Kay hold a bake sale to pay for the subscription — a jab at then President Clinton asking kids to have bake sales to help reduce the National Debt. Limbaugh heavily promoted the event on his radio show.

Fans from nearly every state arrived for the event, causing plenty of Interstate 25 congestion.

Limbaugh was escorted by police to the stage where he spoke to the crowd for about 10 minutes.

"Stick to your principles, folks. They may fear you for that, but that's when you'll make your point," Limbaugh said in the speech as reported by the Coloradoan and Associated Press at the time.

Kay meanwhile sold cookies, posters and selfies with fans.

Kay was called up on the stage and Limbaugh asked "Dan, do you have twenty-nine dollars and ninety-five cents?" to much applause.

Kay handed Limbaugh a check. He later collapsed when being led through the crowd.

"It was emotion overload," Kay told reporters. "I just sat sobbing for 10 minutes."

Limbaugh went on to grow his audience and influence. He was awarded the Presidential Medial of Freedom by President Trump in 2020.

Check out some YouTube footage from the famous Fort Collins event:

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