Earlier this month, HireAHelper shared news that delighted Colorado natives everywhere: people are moving out of the Centennial State.

The U.S. Census Bureau confirmed the announcement, with data showing that the so-called "mass exodus" is particularly prevalent in Denver.

READ: Colorado is Experiencing a 'Mass Exodus,' Especially in Denver

However, a new study from StorageCafe begs to differ — especially when it comes to renters in the Mile High City.

According to the website, Denver is the 15th most popular rental destination in the U.S., with the majority of new renters coming in from the nearby cities of Aurora, Lakewood, and Colorado Springs.

The study also noted that many of the people who are leaving the Mile High City aren't moving out of Colorado entirely. The majority of Denver renters are hopping over to Boulder, a city that, in 2021, had nearly 3 renters coming in for each one that moved away.

We can thank the younger generation for keeping Colorado's rental population up — overall, the majority of renters in Denver and Boulder are millennials and Gen Zers.

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"Younger generations continue to leave rural areas and lagging economies, seeking and finding employment in growing metropolitan areas and consequently leaving their original places with an older age structure," Peter A. Rogerson, Professor of Geography at the University of Buffalo, told StorageCafe. "Older generations move less frequently."

Coloradans may not like the influx of renters, but it's not hard to see why so many people love living in the Centennial State. See our state's 10 happiest cities in the gallery below:

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