A Northern Colorado snapping turtle who got hit by a lawnmower in October is on the road to recovery — all thanks to the Northern Colorado Wildlife Center (NCWC).

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According to the non-profit, the teenaged turtle suffered injuries to the rear of its carapace, or shell, after someone struck it with a lawnmower on October 5. At the time, the NCWC team cleaned the animal's wounds and prescribed it pain medicine and antibiotics.

Thankfully, the turtle is doing much better now.

"Our snapping turtle patient who was hit by an industrial lawn mower [sic] on October 5th is recovering well and has been enjoying plenty of water in his enclosure since his wounds are healed over and there is no risk of infection anymore," said NCWC in an Instagram post. "This snapping turtle loves to climb, explore, and eat cod!"

While cold weather prevents the non-profit from releasing wildlife in the fall or winter, NCWC plans to return the turtle to the wild next spring.

This snapper was the center's 16th turtle patient of 2021. They've been caring for a Denver box turtle who got hit by a car in June and a Loveland turtle who got hit by a car in August.

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While the NCWC is currently only rehabilitating reptiles and amphibians, they also assist with wildlife rescues. Recently, the organization helped rescue a one-footed goose who was found injured in Estes Park.

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