From the top-notch skiing to the constant sunshine to the countless breweries, Colorado is an amazing state. Unfortunately, it's not cheap to live here.

In fact, a report from Porch shows that Denver has the 11th most expensive homes in the U.S., but these costs aren't just reserved for the Mile High City (although if you need housing help, NeighborWorks America is here for you). In the high country, the prices climb even, well, higher.

Just take a look at the celebrities who live there. Tom Cruise recently sold his Telluride mansion for $39.5 million, while Kevin Costner rents out his Aspen abode for $36,000 a night.

The COVID-19 pandemic is partially responsible for these out-of-control costs. According to 9News, housing prices in the mountains have skyrocketed since it began.

"We already knew that, for a long time now, rent has made up a higher percentage of monthly wages for our locals than is recommended," Margaret Bowes, executive director of the Colorado Association of Ski Towns, told the station. "But the fact that rents have increased 20% to 40% since COVID came is pretty shocking."

However, not all hope is lost — at least if you define "affordable" loosely. There are some houses for sale in the mountains within the $200,000 range. Thanks to websites like Zillow, we can take a look at them.

Excluding plots of land and apartments, we used Zillow to find the least-costly homes for sale in the high country (although we kept some multi-family houses).

From Telluride to Steamboat Springs, these are the cheapest homes for sale in Colorado's mountain towns:

The Cheapest Homes for Sale in Colorado's Mountain Towns

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