It's no secret that Angela Kinsey, who plays the cat-loving Angela Martin on The Office, loves Colorado — in fact, she even helped the Denver Broncos with their 2023 schedule release.

However, there's another The Office star with a connection to the Centennial State: Kinsey's best friend, Jenna Fischer, who plays the loveable Pam (Beesly) Halpert.

In a recent episode of the Office Ladies podcast, which the two host together, Fischer revealed that she and her family were spending spring break in Aspen when she broke her shoulder in a skiing accident.

"We were in Aspen, Colorado, for spring break. We were skiing. We skied for six days — great skiing, wonderful time," said Fischer, who explained that she fell and broke her shoulder on the last day of the trip.

Unfortunately, Fischer had trouble getting to Denver to fly home because of a blizzard in the mountains that week. Kinsey's in-laws — who live in Colorado as her husband is a Denver native — came to the rescue and prepared the Fischer family for an extended stay in the Centennial State.

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Thankfully, Fischer was able to make her flight home. Broken shoulder aside, it seemed like she did enjoy Aspen — like quite a few other celebrities.

Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn spent last Christmas at their home in the mountain town, and Mariah Carey celebrated the holiday with an Aspen shopping spree.

Check out more celebrities with Colorado connections in the gallery below.

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