Recently my wife, kids and I spent some time on the Gulf Coast of Florida and discovered a little town called Dunedin, which is a beach community located in Pinellas County, west of Tampa Bay, just north of Clearwater Beach.

It is home to Honeymoon Island, Caledesi State Park and some of the most pristine beaches in the United States, with many comparing the natural beauty to that of islands in the Caribbean. It's also home to a really cool trend, that came out of nowhere in 2020.

Back at the height of the pandemic, a local artist in the town decided to do something a little creative with his yard decor. He found an old, beat up chandelier, painted it and decorated it with lights, colorful beads and more, wired it up and hung it from a big tree in his front yard.

It drew so much attention on his street, just outside of the little city's downtown area, that a few copycats started to appear around town. They're all a little bit different, some with Christmas lights that hang down like tentacles like a jellyfish. Some with colored bulbs, or that flash and change colors like any sign you'd see on the Vegas strip.

Some have certain themes like sea creature or beach life, or a design with a nod to a particular culture like Mardi Gras decor you'd find in New Orleans or something from another country.

Fast forward to 2022 and there's now hundreds - if not more - of these chandeliers lighting up the night all over town, and in fact, the trend is spreading to neighboring towns up and down the Florida coast. You drive around at night and just see this really cool glow up and down so many streets.

Personally I think this trend would translate to a hip, artsy place like Fort Collins or Loveland. Question is: who's willing to be the first to get the trend started?

If you're looking for a super cool, laid back place in Florida to visit, Dunedin is your spot. In the meantime, well... I'm off to find an old, busted chandelier to rewire!

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