With summer knocking at our doors, the older adults in our Northern Colorado communities may need your help.

Next month, A Little Help will be hosting two Service Saturday events, May 7 and May 14, in Northern Colorado. This service opportunity will focus on seasonal tasks like weeding, raking leaves and washing windows for the older generation in your neighborhood.

A Little Help Executive Director Hilary Simmons told "Tuned In to NoCo" that the pandemic has shed a bright light on the needs of our older adults and this light will not be going out any time soon.

"Nobody is wondering if older adults need to be connected to their neighbors anymore —  it's a given," Simmons said. "Older neighbors need to be connected to their communities, and our communities need to be connected to our older neighbors as well. So, this is a growing challenge, but one thing that's plentiful in all of our neighborhoods are good neighbors."

Simmons says events like Service Saturdays not only improve the lives of seniors but help communities foster new friendships as well.

"It's neighbors helping neighbors. We bring groceries to people's doorsteps and pick up prescriptions and get them toilet paper ... we equip and mobilize and background check and coordinate those neighbors to help out. It's often a simple thing that we provide ... but it means a whole lot."

A Little Help is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to help the older generation age well at home.

For more information about  A Little Help, head to their website or click here to register for Service Saturday. Learn more about A Little Help by listening to the "Tuned In to NoCo" interview with Hilary Simmons below.

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