The global pandemic caused many people to have to put their 2020 and 2021 vacation plans on hold, but that doesn't mean we weren't still dreaming about getting away — and let's face it, we had plenty of time to do that.

With lots of months to prep and plan, people are now beginning to reschedule their trips. When it comes to travelling and booking somewhere to stay, Airbnb recently compiled a list of the most bookmarked places to rent in each state, according to searches done on their website.

From cozy cabins, farmhouses and yurts to luxurious suites, the rental opportunities on Airbnb are endless.

When it comes to Colorado, the Airbnb that people are bookmarking the most, is a charming treehouse located in Carbondale.

William M./Airbnb

Between the large balcony, cozy interior, and relaxing hot tub, this unique cabin in the sky has so much to offer. It's easy to see why the Rocky Mountain Treehouse is being eyed by so many travelers.

Apparently escaping to the forest and booking a treehouse adventure is piquing the interest of lots of people around the country right now, as several others made the list in additional states, like in North Carolina and Kentucky.


Check out Airbnb's full list of the most bookmarked places to stay in each state here.

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