We've heard of a last blast, but this is ridiculous.

The City of Casper Firefighters Local 904 branch wanted to send some kiddos into the  summer break in style, so they did just that, utilizing their high pressure water hose.

Everyone knows that one of the highlights of summer is running through a sprinkler on a hot day, and the Casper Firefighters took that idea to a whole 'nother level.

"The end of the school year usually marks a few classroom celebrations!" the Casper Firefighters wrote in a social media post. "Occasionally your Casper Firefighters are able to attend and give the kids a pretty special send off into summer!"

The video, shared to their Facebook page, shows their crew having a ton of fun cooling the kiddos down. The sound of laughter and shrieks could be heard for miles and it was absolutely the best way to close out the school year and usher in the start of summer.

And, more importantly, it just goes to show that our Casper Firefighters aren't just here to put out fires. They're there to put smiles on faces as well.

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