It wouldn't be surprising - I mean, what isn't going up in price these days?

The latest thing to *potentially* go up in price? Rental car fees at Denver International Airport (DIA).

According to airport officials, Denver International Airport is seriously considering hiking the price of airport car rentals.

About The Proposal

Denver International Airport (DIA) is proposing to increase the Customer Facility Charge (CFC) in which customers must pay for all car rentals via on-site rental car companies. 

Breaking Down Costs: According to airport officials, those who purchase rental cars on-site at DIA are currently paying $2.15 a day; the airport is now seeking to increase that same cost to $6 per day.

If the proposal is passed, when will increased rates be implemented?

Should the proposal to increase rental car fees pass, CFC rates would increase beginning Feb. 1, 2023.

About The CFC: A customer facility charge (CFC) is used at most U.S. airports for multiple purposes, including

  • funding planning
  • facilities maintenance
  • management of the rental car programs

The CFC has been in place since the airport opened in 1995 and has been $2.15 since 2013. DIA said it's the lowest of all major airports. CFCs are primarily paid by out-of-town visitors who rent cars at DIA.

Why is DIA seeking to raise the CFC fee? 

According to LavozColorado, Denver International Airport plans to incrementally increase the CFC rate to be more in line with other major airports and to fund potential future improvements.

"[DIA ] continues to expand to prepare for 100 million annual passengers in the next 8-10 years," DIA CEO Phil Washington said, according to 9News.

"By moving the various airport rental car companies to one location, consolidating or eliminating busing and improving the security of vehicle storage, we can create a much-improved experience for our customers as the airport continues to grow and modernize for the future."

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