Earlier today (Sept. 1) Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser addressed the media to give a public statement on the decision the Grand Jury has made regarding the death of 23-year-old Elijah McClain in 2019.

The Aurora Police Chief, City Manager, and Fire Rescue Chief all gave statements following the indictment.

Aurora Police Chief Vanessa Wilson recognized the imprint the incident had on the Aurora community, especially the McClain family. She expressed the department's desire to cooperate with the process moving forward.

Jim Twombly, Aurora City Manager, also weighed in on the indictment and gave a statement. He acknowledged the hard work and respect Aurora has for the Grand Jury through the investigative process, saying:

City leaders thank the Colorado Attorney General's Office and the members of the Grand Jury for their commitment to a resolution. [...] The city has cooperated fully with the Attorney General's Office and its investigators throughout their thorough and thoughtfyl work [...]

Twombly also mentioned that they have suspended the two officers and two paramedics who still work for the City of Aurora have been suspended without pay due to them being indicted on felony counts. The fifth defendant, Jason Rosenblatt, had already previously been fired by the police department prior to the indictment this morning.

You can see the full statements from all parties mentioned here.

Attorney General Weiser mentioned it in his press conference, and it was reiterated by Twombly, that the Grand Jury's investigation, process, and decision understand their importance in restoring confidence to the community in the judicial system.

Governor Jared Polis was asked a few times over the last couple of months in unrelated press conferences about the status of the investigation. Governor Polis was also vehement in stating that the investigation was aware of the significance of the case and the desire to reassure the community that things were being done in an efficient and thorough manner.

Three officers and two paramedics are facing a 32 count indictment after McClain died in 2019 following a violent arrest and sedation with ketamine by the paramedics.


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