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Nearly two years ago, Odell Brewing Co. released a beer that took the Choice City (and the nation, probably) by storm: Sippin' Pretty.

Boasting a bright pink hue and a fruity concoction of açai, elderberry, and guava, the brew quickly became a fan-favorite among sour beer enthusiasts and skeptics alike. With only 4.5% alcohol, the day-drinking-friendly ale is still one of the brewery's staples.

It may seem impossible for Odell Brewing Co. to recreate the success of Sippin' Pretty — but they just might do it.

On Friday (September 10), the brewery is releasing Sippin' Tropical, the "BFF" of the beer we already know and love. According to Odell Brewing's Instagram, this new brew is a sour ale made with pineapple, passion fruit, tangerine, and Sippin' Pretty's signature Himalayan sea salt.

While Sippin' Tropical doesn't have its predecessor's famous pink color, the brewery insists that it still has "vacation vibes included in every sip."

Judging by the can, they're not wrong. The beer's packaging features an adorable sloth — designed by Swiss-born artist Mona Caron — that would make Kristen Bell tremble (and yes, don't worry...Odell Brewing-themed sloth merch is likely on the way).

Although Sippin' Tropical won't hit the brewery's taproom until later this week, it is available now at certain locations. Find it online using their Beer Finder here.

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