For Colorado travelers seeking somewhere unique to stay, the Black Monarch Hotel in Victor, is just the spot — that is, if you're brave enough.

Once a former casino, brothel/upscale gentlemen's club and saloon, this quirky, boutique hotel, is now said to be haunted by ghosts still lingering from the past. One such paranormal guest, is a barkeep who was killed in a gunfight long ago. According to The Guardian, multiple people have reported seeing a woman looking out of one of the hotel's windows, even when it was confirmed that no one is in the room. Other ghostly encounters include things like hearing footsteps in empty rooms, objects randomly falling from shelves, and locked rooms being ransacked from the inside.

However, the current owner of the establishment has embraced these paranormal visitors by incorporating a gothic/Victorian, serial killer theme throughout the building. Each room is decorated differently, but equally as creepy as the next. The HHH Holmes Room includes torture devices like axes and pitchforks on the walls, and was named after the World’s Fair serial killer. Then there's the Elizabeth Báthory, named after a 17th-century Hungarian countess who was rumored to have bathed in the blood of her victims. If those aren't spine-tingling enough, there's also a witchcraft-themed room, filled with pentagons, skulls, and other eccentric items. There are several other eerie options available too, as well as three more rooms being renovated, that are set to open sometime this year.

While it seems morbid to some, many people actually flock to the Black Monarch to experience the ghostly sightings and overall strangeness for themselves. Then, there's other individuals, who feel frightened enough to check out just hours after arriving.

Victor once had a population of 20,000 residents, and was a booming gold-mining town. However, nowadays there's only about 400 people who live in the small mountain town. Stories from current residents claim that besides the Black Monarch, the town of Victor itself is also haunted, citing strange sounds, moving objects, and seeing figures that resemble miners and brothel workers in various locations.

To read more about the hotel, or to book a stay through their website, click here.

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