Have you ever heard of the term "bushcraft?"

According to David Willis, a teacher of Bushcraft and Wilderness Living Skills, bushcraft refers to "the skills required to live in the bush," which he defines as remote, wild areas with little to no habitation.

Willis notes that while bushcraft is a variation of camping, it is not the same thing. It is also not specific to Colorado, but many are trying the practice in the Centennial State.

Our state even has its own bushcraft store in Golden, aptly named Colorado Bushcraft. The store shares glimpses of what bushcraft is like on its YouTube page.

As you can see, bushcraft entails much more than just roasting some hot dogs. Many bushscrafters build their own shelters using specific tools and a specialized skill set, like the woman in this YouTube video from Spirit Forest.

Bushcraft is not something that can be done unprepared. BushcraftInfo notes that, since bushcrafters travel "miles and miles into the desolate wilderness with nothing and no one around you," they need to have certain essentials on hand:

  • bushcraft knife
  • bushcraft backpack
  • water filtration system
  • tarp
  • firesteel
  • pack ax
  • paracord
  • first aid kit

Bushcrafters also need to know how to use these tools. The Outdoorsist recommends studying up on the following:

  • building shelter
  • making a fire
  • familiarity with ropes, knots, knives, and axes
  • foraging for food
  • hunting, fishing, trapping, and cleaning game
  • purifying water
  • first aid
  • "primitive" cooking

The practice of bushcraft is not for everyone, but it is an amazing way to enjoy the Colorado wilderness. Learn more about camping in the Centennial State in the gallery below.

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