Colorado doesn't have the best reputation when it comes to driving.

Earlier this year, a WalletHub study ranked our state as the seventh-worst place for road travel; and recently, Forbes Advisor noted that Centennial State residents have a road rage problem.

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An example of these bad habits came to light on Thursday (Sept. 22) when Loveland resident Amanda Cates witnessed two vehicles speeding through a stop sign at 4th Street and Madison Avenue.

Cates shared videos of the incident to the Lovelanders Facebook group, reminding fellow residents to "please slow down." She had just exited a bike lane when she heard the cars' squealing tires, and children were in the area.

The first video shows a tan car and a blue truck running the sign. The second video zooms in to catch someone hanging out of the first vehicle's window and a group of people in the back of the truck.

One user commented that the truck had nearly struck them at Boise Avenue and Highway 402. Another 4th Street resident called for more speed enforcement in the area, stating: "There is a huge tragedy just waiting to happen."

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Cates told Townsquare NoCo she believes the drivers in the video are Mountain View High School students, although this has not been confirmed. She reported the incident to the school's resource officer.

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