‘The Daddy of The Em All’ had run for 123 consecutive summers before being canceled in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although the 124th Cheyenne Frontier Days was a wash, the rodeo's 125th summer is a go.

Cheyenne Frontier Days is officially back for 2021.

At a live press conference held at the Cheyenne Frontier Days (CFD) office on Wednesday (Apr. 7), Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon gave his word of approval for the rodeo to resume in summer 2021.

"I am really proud today to say that this is our chance to set up, to have Cheyenne Frontier Days this summer. We know we can do it, we know we can do it even better now.", Governor Gordon said.

"I am proud, proud today to say that we've given you the OK to have Cheyenne Frontier Days."

Following the Governor's statement, Tim Hirsig, Cheyenne Frontier Days President and CEO further detailed the plans to move forward with the rodeo.

"Consistent with the plan we submitted, we can share that the 2021 show will see some changes in the occurrence of health, safety, and security protocols. All of these changes were made with public health and safety as priority number one.", Hirsig said.

Cheyenne Frontier Days, with the support of health officials are planning to hold the event at full capacity (with modifications), without a mask requirement. Hirsig said the event will be properly cleansed and sanitized regularly, in all locations, throughout the duration of CFD.


"The best cowboys, entertainers, contractors, vendors are on their way to Cheyenne; and when they get here, they will find that we have implemented policies and procedures designed to protect them."

Hirsig added that cashless payments will become the primary form of payment at the event, accepted in more locations than in prior years; this year, digital ticketing will be the standard delivery method for all Cheyenne Frontier Day ticket purchases.

"Cheyenne Frontier Days is the world's premier celebration of the West; it's not just important to this community and the state of Wyoming, but the whole rodeo industry. This is a signal that we're ready to become normal again." Hirsig said.


Cheyenne Frontier Days 2021 is slated to take place July 23 through August 1.

The rodeo's full concert lineup will be announced Thursday, April 8 at 5:15 p.m.

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