Considering that I'm a Colorado State University alum and a current radio DJ, you won't be surprised to learn that I spent most of my college years in student media.

Still, I had a friend in the Beekeeping Club and another in the Dead Poets Society, so I was aware of the school's unique organizations. But I had never, ever heard of the CSU Logging Team — until I got an email about their upcoming event.

I had to investigate. Here's what I found.

What is logging?

Britannica defines logging as the "process of harvesting trees, sawing them into appropriate lengths, and transporting them into a sawmill."

You're right if you think this doesn't sound feasible on a college campus.

CSU students aren't hauling trees to the sawmill, but the team is doing something similar: a practice known as logging sports.

According to the team's page, logging sports alters traditional logging activities to fit into a competitive model. You'll find the club's students trying their hands at axe throwing, crosscut sawing, chopping, pole climbing, log rolling, chainsaw events, and more.

Here's what you need to know about the CSU Logging Team

The team has three practices every week and competes in the fall and spring. Their upcoming competition is Choptoberfest 2022 at 3400 W Vine Drive in Fort Collins.

Colorado State University Logging Sports Team // Facebook
Colorado State University Logging Sports Team // Facebook

Being a part of the team costs $70 to $75 a semester, and the club practices across from the Poudre Fire Authority — probably a good idea when working with axes and chainsaws.

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