If you haven't received your COVID-19 vaccine, booster, or flu shot yet, you'll have another opportunity to do so in Northern Colorado.

According to the Loveland Reporter-Herald, mobile vaccination buses are coming back to the Thompson School District for the spring semester of 2022.

"At this time we don't have the schedule finalized, as it's completed just prior to opening the locations," said Michael Hausmann, district spokesperson, in a statement obtained by the publication.

The district hopes to release the mobile clinics' final schedule before schools reopen on Monday (Jan. 3). When the buses arrive, the general public — including Thompson School District students — will be able to receive free COVID-19 vaccines, boosters, and flu shots.

The on-site vaccination service previously visited the Thompson School District twice weekly in November and December of 2021. The Loveland Reporter-Herald reports that the buses' last visit took place on December 16 at Walt Clark Middle School.

The state of Colorado operates the buses, which also service the southeast, southwest, northeast, Western Slope, and Denver Metro areas.

While the buses carry the Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson vaccinations, each vaccines' availability will vary depending on the day.

"Due to storage and handling constraints, we are only able to offer limited quantities of vaccines each day on each mobile unit," reads Colorado's Mobile Vax website. "If you have a preference to receive a certain vaccine, or are between the ages of 5-17, we highly recommend reserving an appointment slot in advance of your visit."

You can make an appointment online here. Although not recommended, the buses will accommodate walk-ups on a case-by-case basis.

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