Swimming this time of year is pretty hard to do unless you are doing a cannonball in an indoor pool or heading to a warmer climate like Florida. As we all know, January in Colorado is very cold, but that didn't stop one elk from taking a dip in a swimming pool.

Loveland Fire Rescue Authority responded to a call on Sunday of a young cow elk that had gotten stuck in a swimming pool on Bitterbush Way in west Loveland. Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers along with Loveland Fire Rescue Authority were able to get the 500-pound elk out of the pool safely. The elk took some time to warm up and recover from the incident before running off. Check out the photos and videos posted from Colorado Parks and Wildlife and Loveland Fire Rescue Authority.

This evening LFRA responded to Bitterbush Way west of Loveland to assist Colorado Parks and Wildlife Officers with...

Posted by Loveland Fire Rescue Authority on Sunday, January 17, 2021

Source: Colorado Parks and Wildlife - Loveland Fire Rescue Authority

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