Out of numerous major cities around the world, the Denver area has had the worst air quality, and it's easy to believe. On Saturday morning, I woke up to what I thought was an overcast, foggy day — until I realized it smelled like a campfire. 

Wildfires in the northwest in California, Oregon and Canada have been the cause of the haze over the Front Range more so than our own Colorado fires. When will it get better? There's no definitive answer there, of course, as long as the fires are still active. But looking at the weather patterns that draw plumes of smoke to Colorado, it's possible relief could be on the way soon (at least we hope).

According to the National Weather Service in Boulder, 'the thickest smoke is just ahead of a cold from that extends from northern Nevada to Montana,' and while we won't get the cold front here, it's expected to push the smoke up to the north of Colorado.

CBS4 Denver's forecast says that while Monday and Tuesday will be 'unhealthy for all groups,' the shift in winds midweek will start to clear things up by Wednesday. CBS4's report said that ' while smoke and haze will still be visible, it should be considerably less compared to early in the week.'

Here's a look at what Fort Collins looked like on Sunday and Monday at 2 p.m., via the city's air quality webcam located at New Belgium Brewing. Note that on a clear day, you would be able to see the Front Range foothills, the 'A' and Longs Peak.

Sunday - 2 p.m.

City of Fort Collins

Monday - 2 p.m.

City of Fort Collins

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