The Loveland Police Department (LPD) is launching a review of its DUI Enforcement Program in an effort to improve public relations and recognize best practices.

"Recently, there has been some criticism of our department's handling of impaired driving cases," said LPD Deputy Chief Eric Stewart in a Monday (March 28) press conference. "We want to make it clear to the public that we are open and transparent in our work."

Stewart clarified that the criticism is from members of a defense bar representing drivers charged by police who later passed blood tests showing there was no alcohol in their system.

Despite noting that a negative blood test doesn't necessarily negate impaired driving, Stewart announced the LPD will conduct a professional review of how it addresses impaired driving incidents.

"As this department has demonstrated in the past, we are not afraid to have outside experts look at our operations to suggest changes where they may be needed or confirm where we continue to excel," said Stewart.

One of these demonstrations occurred in 2021 when the LPD agreed to undergo Alzheimer's Association training following the outrage surrounding Karen Garner's 2020 arrest.

According to a press release from the City of Loveland, this review will analyze the policies, procedures, strategies, and outcomes involving DUI enforcement in the LPD.

In the meantime, the LPD will continue to crack down on impaired driving, an issue that Stewart said cannot "wait for the outcome of any litigation." The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) reports that Colorado saw 691 DUI-related fatalities in 2021 alone.

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