It's definitely unique, and maybe that's why so many people have already said, 'Meow!' when it comes to getting 'immersed' in America's third installation. 

It's huge, not only physically, but metaphorically as well. 'Convergence Station' stands large near Mile High and has had wild popularity at its two other locations across the country: Meow Wolf Denver. The best way to describe it is that it's art that you wander through and experience.

Meow Wolf's mission:


There's already one in Las Vegas and in Santa Fe, with Santa Fe being its hometown. It began there in 2008, as a small collaborative project.

Thirteen years later, the company, registered as a Community Public-Benefit corporation, is not just an art exhibit, but a community project giving money to local organizations within their communities promoting creativity and inclusiveness, among other things.

General admission tickets cost $45. If you are a Colorado resident you can get tickets for only $35. Let's say all 100,000 tickets sold for $35; that $3.5 million. That's great for the economy, for the community, and art in general.

The experience is set up so that you can just look, touch, and experience the exhibit solely, or you can also dig into the 'play' that's at its core, about four forgotten women from different worlds and a gateway to the 'infinite.'

I admit, when I first heard about this coming to Denver, I was skeptical. Now, I think it sounds great and well worth the price of admission.

Get more on Meow Wolf Denver and tickets HERE.

[Source: Denver Gazette]

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