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If you're going to New Belgium this weekend, you might instinctively reach for a Voodoo Ranger or a Fat Tire. Instead, consider trying their latest release: Oh, Hi!

The brewery teamed up with hard kombucha brewers Flying Embers to create a beer that is half kombucha and half golden sour — complete with notes of pixie tangerines from Ojai, California and prairie sage from Colorado.

"When you close your eyes and take a sip, it's like having the windows rolled down on a road trip from Ojai to Fort Collins," said New Belgium in an Instagram post. 

But the taste is far from the best part.

New Belgium will be donating $10,000 in sales from the beer to the Embers Foundation, Flying Embers' non-profit sector that supports first responders and their communities. The money raised from Oh, Hi! will specifically benefit wildlife and disaster relief in Colorado and California.

The beer is available now at the brewery and at select retailers. You can also order the beer online here.

This isn't the first time that New Belgium has contributed to wildlife relief. In April, the brewery donated $120,000 to victims of the Cameron Peak and East Troublesome fires.

They also recently released Fat Tire: Torched Earth, which aims to show the public what beer would taste like in a "climate-ravaged future."

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