It's no secret that Coloradans like to drink. There's even a bar in Colorado State University. 

But as the amount of residents working from home increased due to the pandemic, so did alcohol use.

In fact, according to a new survey from, 38% of Coloradans admit to drinking while working from home. The other 62%? Liars (just kidding).

This may not seem shocking (I mean, we've already been wearing pajama pants during Zoom meetings), but it should be.

FOX31 reports that, on top of the pandemic, Coloradans are also drinking more because it's cold out, which can have serious consequences.

"I think people forget alcohol is a very toxic drug," Sarah Zubrin, Chief Clinical Officer at Mile High Continuing Care, told the station. "I've seen more alcohol related problems this past year than in the last 12 years I've been doing this work."

In order to combat excessive alcohol consumption, Zubrin recommends spending extra time outside, being more aware of what you consume, and finding ways to socialize without drinking.

So, even though there is nothing that makes you want a drink more than a Zoom meeting on a chilly day, try to hold off, at least until after work. Your liver (and probably your boss) will thank you for it.

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