From fit to friendly to fashionable, Colorado has been called a lot of things. Now, the Centennial State has earned the title of 'organized.'

According to a new survey from Moneypenny, Colorado is the second most organized state in the U.S., trailing only behind Hawaii.

The company found that 58% of our residents prioritize their tasks, while 53% are always on time. 47% of Coloradans surveyed wake up early, and another 36% are regular planners.

Psychologist Dr. Max Blumberg attributes Colorado's organizational skills to the reticular activation system (RAS), a part of the human brain that helps manage self-control and concentration.

He told Moneypenny that most of Colorado's residents likely have an active RAS, meaning they are highly organized and slightly introverted.

If you identify as unorganized and extroverted (like me), don't fret. New York, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Wisconsin also struggle with organization. While we can't help our RAS activity, we can work on the following skills to become more organized: writing everything down, staying calm, and developing a routine.

"'s really interesting to be able to understand the science behind this, as well as the steps people can take if organization doesn't come naturally to them," said Joanna Swash, Group CEO of Moneypenny, in the survey.

Time to put "become more organized" on my to-do list.

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