From unique wildlife to epic views, hiking in Colorado is sure to wow any adventurer. And with all that the Centennial State has to offer, it begs the question of why someone would even consider hiking after the sun goes down. However, there are many people who enjoy setting out on the trail under the stars rather than during the day.

In the woods at night, exists an entirely different world that’s not around in the day. It's a bit more challenging to navigate in the dark, but can be just as rewarding as a well-lit trek. Besides - there will be different sounds, smells, and wildlife that are only present during the nighttime.

Worried about how to see where you're going? Once the eyes adjust, the moon and stars help to light the way! Sometimes, night hikers also get the chance to observe other celestial phenomena, such as various planets, constellations, or even the Milky Way.

Fort Collins/Loveland Trails Open After Dark

While many parks and open spaces close at dusk, there are several trails around the Fort Collins/Loveland area that allow night hiking.

Trail users should always respect closure hours when visiting any hiking destination in Colorado. Various factors, such as resource and habitat protections or easement agreements can also impact night use for certain trails. Neighboring property owners have been known to report use during closures, which trail goers should also be aware of.

Bear Creek Trail to the Castle

Take this easy hike on the Bear Creek Trail to the Dunafon Castle.

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