In 2020, the Cameron Peak Fire blazed through Northern Colorado, destroying more than 200,000 acres in its path. This included scorching nearly eighty percent of Loveland's Bobcat Ridge Natural Area. Not only did the wildfire char grassland, shrubs, and forest habitat at Bobcat Ridge, but it also significantly damaged infrastructure including bridges, trails, and small portions of historic buildings on site as well.

The burn wounds left behind by the fire forced the popular outdoor destination to have to close for almost a year to follow while necessary repairs were being made.

However, in May and June of 2021, flash flooding occurred inside the natural area, causing even more damage. Some of the trails were completely washed away.

Many helping hands diligently worked to reconstruct bridges and boardwalks, remove burned trees, and assist with trail maintenance. In addition, several of the visitor amenities were improved, including a new vehicle exit road, a new equestrian ramp, and the creation of more parking spots.

Bobcat Ridge finally reopened to the public on September 18, 2021.

Fast forward to May 2023, and the unavoidable effects of Mother Nature once again wreaked havoc at the recreational Loveland location.

The recent heavy rains caused major damage to various parts of the natural area, including the trails and parking lot. Because unsafe conditions now exist, Bobcat Ridge is closed until further notice.

A two-week minimum closure is anticipated to make repairs, but it could take longer depending on the weather. Residents can keep updated with the progress, as well as the official reopening date by visiting FCNatural Areas.

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